The modern theory of biological evolution: an expanded synthesis

  title={The modern theory of biological evolution: an expanded synthesis},
  author={U. Kutschera and K. Niklas},
  • U. Kutschera, K. Niklas
  • Published 2004
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Naturwissenschaften
  • In 1858, two naturalists, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, independently proposed natural selection as the basic mechanism responsible for the origin of new phenotypic variants and, ultimately, new species. A large body of evidence for this hypothesis was published in Darwin’s Origin of Species one year later, the appearance of which provoked other leading scientists like August Weismann to adopt and amplify Darwin’s perspective. Weismann’s neo-Darwinian theory of evolution was further… CONTINUE READING
    Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species, directional selection, and the evolutionary sciences today
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    Darwin’s Philosophical Imperative and the Furor Theologicus
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    Can Modern Evolutionary Theory Explain Macroevolution
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    Historical revisionism and the inheritance theories of Darwin and Weismann
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    Evolutionary plant physiology: Charles Darwin’s forgotten synthesis
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    A Darwinian Theory of Cultural Evolution Can Promote an Evolutionary Synthesis for the Social Sciences
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    Why an extended evolutionary synthesis is necessary
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    Evolution, the Extended Synthesis
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