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The modern African state : quest for transformation

  title={The modern African state : quest for transformation},
  author={Godfrey Mwakikagile},
This book examines the modern African State as a fragile institution because of its structural flaws. It focuses on a number of African countries whose combined analyses provide a focal point for looking at the whole continent as one giant place with crumbling state institutions whose fragility threatens the very existence of several African countries. Even in rich African countries, peace and stability is threatened and rampant corruption and dictatorship. Nothing better demonstrates the… 

A new paradigm of the African state

The Main Focus of Fundi Wa Afrika (Tailor or Builder in Kiswahili), IS the analysis of the state, defined as a multilayered entity from grassroot organizations to the leadership. The core of the

Colonial and Postcolonial State and Development in Africa

This article examines the colonial and post colonial state and development in Africa; it does so by trying to answer the following questions: what is the nature of the African state and when did

Pan West Africanism and Political Instability in West Africa: Perspectives and Reflections

Five years of within the 21 century, and observation of the social and political landscape of West Africa imposes deep reflection because recurring instability has infested the subregion. For the

The Africanist-Populist Ideology

As we saw in Chapter 7, Frantz Fanon’s warning to African people, leaders, and scholars was that for popular democracy and development to succeed in Africa, they must stop blindly following the West:

Africa in 2108: A Strategic Plan

What will Africa look like in 2108? Following the present trend, four developments may be in place. First, given the rate of AIDS, conflict and starvation, the population (which is already very

The Democratic Project and the Human Condition across the African Continent

When I received the invitation to give this lecture on “The Democratic Project and the Human Condition across the African Continent,” I engaged in an extensive search for literature on the subject

Negotiating governance : Kenyan contestation, cooperation, passivity toward the Chinese

The scholarship on Sino-African relations has been too pre-occupied with China’s behaviour and impact on Africa and paid little attention to the role played by African actors, contexts and processes

Transcending the majority rights and minority protection dichotomy through multicultural reflective citizenship in the African Great Lakes region

In this paper, the author examines how colonial racist policies and western‐bound post‐colonial educational practices have contributed to the recurring ethnic conflicts in the Great Lakes region of

Dream of unity: from the United States of Africa to the Federation of African States

AbstractThe Pan-Africanists leaders’ dream of unity was deferred in favor of the gradualist/functionalist perspective embodied in a weak and loosely-structured Organization of African Unity (OAU)