The modeling of temperature field in the sensor zone


Temperature fields in the region of the temperature sensors are simulated. Two versions of the sensors placement relative to the heat transfer agent are analyzed. It is established that in the case of sinking the sensor with the bushing into the heat-transfer agent flow the sensor and the part of the surface of the wall of pipe must be covered with thermal insulation. In this case the temperature of the thermo-insulated sensor is equal to the temperature of heat-transfer agent (70degC). If sensor walls are covered with sediment layer of 0.5 mm thickness the temperature of the sensor body can be within the 65.38degC - 59.3deg C range. When sensor is fastened to the surface of a pipe and is thermally isolated, the temperature of the body of sensor can achieve the 69.993deg C - 69.934deg C limits. The thermal isolation, the cable shell and cupper wire are the main factors, which influences the temperature inside the sensor.

DOI: 10.1109/ITI.2008.4588495

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