The mitogenomic phylogeny of the Elasmobranchii (Chondrichthyes)

  title={The mitogenomic phylogeny of the Elasmobranchii (Chondrichthyes)},
  author={Cesar R L Amaral and Filipe Pereira and D. Silva and A. Amorim and E. D. de Carvalho},
  journal={Mitochondrial DNA Part A},
  pages={867 - 878}
  • Cesar R L Amaral, Filipe Pereira, +2 authors E. D. de Carvalho
  • Published 2018
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Mitochondrial DNA Part A
  • Here we present a mitogenomic perspective on the evolution of sharks and rays, being a first glance on the complete mitochondrial history of such an old and diversified group of vertebrates. [...] Key Method Here we apply a molecular systematic approach on 82 complete mitochondrial genomes to investigate the phylogeny of the Elasmobranchii. By using maximum likelihood (ML) and Bayesian analyses, we found a clear separation within the shark clade between the Galeomorphii and the Squalomorphii, as well as sister…Expand Abstract
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