The mitochondrial uncoupling protein-2: current status.

  title={The mitochondrial uncoupling protein-2: current status.},
  author={C. Fleury and Daniel Sanch{\'i}s},
  journal={The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology},
  volume={31 11},
In eukaryotic cells ATP is generated by oxidative phosphorylation, an energetic coupling at the mitochondrial level. The oxidative reactions occurring in the respiratory chain generate an electrochemical proton gradient on both sides of the inner membrane. This gradient is used by the ATPsynthase to phosphorylate ADP into ATP. The coupling between respiration and ADP phosphorylation is only partial in brown adipose tissue (BAT) mitochondria, where the uncoupling protein UCP1 causes a reentry of… CONTINUE READING


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