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The mitochondrial DNA heritage of the Baganda, Lugbara and Acholi from Uganda

  title={The mitochondrial DNA heritage of the Baganda, Lugbara and Acholi from Uganda},
  author={D. Isabirye},
  • D. Isabirye
  • Published 2010
  • Biology
  • The mtDNA genetic relatedness between and within 13 Baganda, 14 Lugbara and 13 Acholi individuals from Uganda was investigated in this research program. The complete mtDNA sequences of the 40 Ugandan samples were established and a phylogeographic analysis of these sequences was conducted using both a Neighbour-Joining and a Maximum Parsimony tree together with a global sample of 387 African sequences. Prior to this study, only two complete and six partial mtDNA sequences of Ugandans had been… CONTINUE READING


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