The mismeasure of masculinity: the male body, ‘race’ and power in the enumerative discourses of the NFL Draft

  title={The mismeasure of masculinity: the male body, ‘race’ and power in the enumerative discourses of the NFL Draft},
  author={Thomas P. Oates and Meenakshi Gigi Durham},
  journal={Patterns of Prejudice},
  pages={301 - 320}
The athletic male body has long been idealized in western culture, and its dimensions are a key aspect of its iconic status. Oates and Durham examine the discourses of the athletic male body as it is presented in media discourses surrounding the NFL Draft. They focus specifically on the enumerative strategies used to define and delimit the racialized bodies of football draftees. Through a close textual analysis of publications that deal with the Draft, they uncover three main themes in the… 

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This paper is an examination of the 2020 National Football League (NFL) Draft and how the virtual prism created due to the COVID-19 pandemic provides insight on the dual career identities of



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