The mirror neuron system contributes to social responding

  title={The mirror neuron system contributes to social responding},
  author={Antonia F. de C. Hamilton},
Observing other people in action reliably activates a network of regions across the human premotor, inferior parietal and middle temporal cortex (Caspers, Zilles, Laird, & Eickhoff, 2010). The frontal and parietal components of this network are widely believed to contain mirror neurons (Rizzolatti & Sinigaglia, 2010). The function of the human mirror neuron system (MNS) has been much debated, with a focus on the comprehension (Rizzolatti & Sinigaglia, 2010) and prediction (Kilner, 2011; Wilson… CONTINUE READING

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Dynamic modulation of the action observation network by movement familiarity.

The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience • 2015


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