The millipede genus Stemmiulus Gervais, 1844 in Cameroon, with descriptions of three new species (Diplopoda, Stemmiulida, Stemmiulidae)

  title={The millipede genus Stemmiulus Gervais, 1844 in Cameroon, with descriptions of three new species (Diplopoda, Stemmiulida, Stemmiulidae)},
  author={Armand Richard Nzoko Fiemapong and Paul Serge Mbenoun Masse and Joseph Lebel Tamesse and Sergei I. Golovatch and Didier Vandenspiegel},
  pages={11 - 23}
Abstract The large pantropical millipede genus Stemmiulus, which currently encompasses more than 150 species, i.e. the bulk of the species diversity of the family Stemmiulidae and entire order Stemmiulida, is shown to comprise seven species in Cameroon, including three new ones: S. ongot Nzoko Fiemapong & VandenSpiegel, sp. n., S. uncus Nzoko Fiemapong & VandenSpiegel, sp. n., and S. mbalmayoensis Nzoko Fiemapong & VandenSpiegel, sp. n. In addition, S. beroni Mauriès, 1989, previously known… 
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Matériaux récoltés par M.-H. Coiffait au Gabon: Myriapoda, Diplopoda
  • Biologia Gabonica
  • 1967
Matériaux récoltés par M
  • Coiffait au Gabon: Myriapoda, Diplopoda
  • 1967
Diplopoda — taxonomic overview
Distribution. Species of the genus Stemmiulus are know from North America (one species introduced to Florida
  • South Asia (India and Sri Lanka), the East Indies
  • 1989
4 2 Second pair of legs relatively complex in structure, coxa with a well pronounced subconical projection anterolaterally (Fig.1F, cp)
  • Angiocoxite of gonopod with a subapicolateral projection (Fig.1H, lp)
Malawi 46. S. spinogonus Mauriès
  • 1989
Zur Myriopodenfauna Kameruns . Bihang till K
  • Svenska Vet . Akad
  • 1894
beroni -Apex of colpocoxite axe-shaped (Fig. 3D-F)