The millipede family Polydesmidae in Taiwan, with descriptions of five new species (Polydesmida, Diplopoda)

  title={The millipede family Polydesmidae in Taiwan, with descriptions of five new species (Polydesmida, Diplopoda)},
  author={Sergei I. Golovatch and Elena V. Mikhaljova and Hsueh-Wen Chang},
  pages={9 - 42}
Abstract Polydesmidae are represented in Taiwan by seven species in two genera. Neither of the genera is endemic to Taiwan, but six of the species are, including five new: Nipponesmus minor sp. n., Epanerchodus bispinosus sp. n., Epanerchodus curtigonopus sp. n., Epanerchodus flagellifer sp. n. and Epanerchodus pinguis sp. n. In addition, the diagnosis of the hitherto enigmatic genus Nipponesmus Chamberlin & Wang, 1953 is refined vis-à-vis the especially similar, Central Asian, Siberian and… Expand
The millipede family Polydesmidae in the Caucasus (Diplopoda: Polydesmida).
The family Polydesmidae is represented in the Caucasus by two genera and 11 species, including a highly polymorphous and widespread species, apparently in a stage of active speciation, subendemic to the entire region. Expand
Review of the millipede genus Epanerchodus Attems, 1901 in continental China, with descriptions of new species (Diplopoda: Polydesmidae).
Four new species of Epanerchodus are described from mainland China and E. koreanus Verhoeff, 1937 is formally new to the fauna of China due to fresh samples from Jilin. Expand
0368. A summary of the milliped faunas of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Kashmir (Arthropoda: Diplopoda)..
Three female callipodidan samples from northern Pakistan are assigned to Bollmania kohalana (Attems, 1936) (Caspiopetalidae), the only ordinal representative documented from the country; a new recordExpand
Distribution, diversity patterns and faunogenesis of the millipedes (Diplopoda) of the Himalayas
The Himalayas support a highly rich, diverse, multi-layered, mostly endemic diplopod fauna that is largely autochthonous and sylvicolous, formed through abounding in situ radiation and vicariance events. Expand
Identity of the millipede genus Jaxartes Verhoeff, 1930 (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Polydesmidae), with descriptions of two new species from Central Asia
типического рода и показано, что он является старшим синонимом рода Turanodesmus Lohmander, 1933, syn.n. Описаны два новых вида: J. communicans sp.n. из Туркменистана и J. reductus sp.n. изExpand


Pill-millipedes (Glomerida, Diplopoda) in Taiwan
The order Glomerida is represented in Taiwan by five species in two genera, two subfamilies and one family. All species, as well as one genus and one subfamily, seem to be endemic to Taiwan. AmongExpand
Checklist and Bibliography of Millipedes (Diplopoda) of Taiwan.
The Taiwanese millipede fauna consists of 23 endemic species, 17 East Asiatic elements, and 11 synanthropic species. Expand
Evolution of distribution and habitat patterns in endemic millipedes of the genus Dolichoiulus (Diplopoda: Julidae) on the Canary Islands, with notes on distribution patterns of other Canarian species swarms
The scarcity of pluri-insular Dolichoiulus species, in connection with information on phylogeny, suggests that speciation has mainly taken place within individual islands. Expand
Distribution and diversity of millipedes of the Ryukyu Archipelago, with the Senkaku and Daito Island Groups: A literature review (Arthropoda: Diplopoda)
The results suggest that large portions of the Ryukyu Archipelago have been poorly sampled, and that further collections would considerably improve the present inventory of millipedes. Expand
Records of millipeds (Diplopoda) from Japan and other Oriental areas, with descriptions of new genera and species
The material on which the present report is based is largely in the American Museum of Natural History in New York and in the collection of the senior author at the University of Utah, and the names of the several collectors are given in connection with the different species. Expand
Pill-millipedes of the Canary Islands: the Glomeris alluaudi-group (Diplopoda, Glomeridae)
El grupo aparentemente monofiletico de Glomeris alluaudi comprende seis especies, todas endemicas de Canarias, y se discute su distribucion, variacion y algunos aspectos evolutivos. Expand
Adaptive radiation of the millipede genus Cylindroiulus on Madeira: habitat, body size, and morphology (Diplopoda, Iulida: Iulidae)
Precisions sur l'habitat de 20 especes endemiques de cette ile. Etablissement des specialisations dans les habitats. Adaptations morphologiques au type de vie (enfouissement, comportement grimpeurExpand
Two new species of polydesmid millipeds from western Honshu, Japan
Some polydesmidan millipedes from caves in southern China ( Diplopoda : Polydesmida ) , with descriptions of four new species
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