The micronucleus test as a simple model, in vivo, for teh evaluation of drug-induced chromosome aberrations. Comparative studies with 13 compounds

  title={The micronucleus test as a simple model, in vivo, for teh evaluation of drug-induced chromosome aberrations. Comparative studies with 13 compounds},
  author={B. Matter and J. Grauwiler},
  journal={Mutation Research},
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Genotoxic Effect of Chlorpyrifos and Cypermethrin in Albino Rats
The findings indicate that chlorpyrifos and cypermethrin, singly and especially in combination, could be mutagenic. Expand
Acute and subacute toxicity and genotoxicity of schizonepetin, a naturally occurring monoterpene with antiviral activity.
Based on the results of this study, a dose level of 120 mg/kg bw/day is considered the no-observed-adverse-effect-level (NOAEL) in rats and illustrated that schizonepetin is not genotoxic. Expand
Modulatory Effect of Vitamin C on Genotoxic Effect of Endosulfan in Developing Albino Rats
The genotoxic effect of endosulfan and the modulatory effect of vitamin C in growing albino rats were studied by bone marrow micronucleus assay. Seven days old male Wistar rats were treated with 3,Expand
Advances in Mutagenesis Research
Assessment of genotoxicity of two anti-parkinsonian drugs (selegiline hydrochloride and bromocriptine mesylate) in vivo in mouse bone marrow cells.
Results indicate that both drugs failed to induce significant number of micronuclei and were not cytotoxic at any of the doses tested, in vivo in mouse bone marrow cells, at doses as high as 16-times the clinical dose used in humans. Expand
International Commission for Protection against Environmental Mutagens and Carcinogens. ICPEMC Working Paper No. 15/2. Metabolism and metabolic effects of ethanol, including interaction with drugs, carcinogens and nutrition.
Different pathways of alcohol metabolism, the alcohol dehydrogenase pathway, the microsomal ethanol-oxidizing system and the catalase pathway are discussed, and nutritional factors in alcoholics such as malnutrition are discussed especially with respect to its possible relation to cancer. Expand
Mutagenicity evaluation of thioridazine.
Genetic effects of naphthylamines.
A micronucleus technique for detecting clastogenic effects of mutagens/carcinogens (DEN, DMN) in hepatocytes of rat liver in vivo.
A micronucleus assay in vivo has been developed that utilizes freshly isolated hepatocytes from livers of hepatectomized rats for the detection of clastogenic effects of compounds or their metabolites that are too short-lived to reach the classical target cells used in cytogenetic studies. Expand
The micronucleus test as part of a short-term mutagenicity test program for the prediction of carcinogenicity evaluated by 143 agents tested.
The finding that the combination of Ames's test and the micronucleus test did increase the screening procedure for the prediction of carcinogenic effects is emphasized by the finding that it is an in vivo method, which may pick up effects at the chromosomal level not covered by bacterial assays. Expand