The microbiome of New World vultures.

  title={The microbiome of New World vultures.},
  author={M. Roggenbuck and Ida B{\ae}rholm Schnell and Nikolaj Blom and Jacob B{\ae}lum and Mads Frost Bertelsen and Thomas Sicheritz-Pont{\'e}n and S\oren J S\orensen and M. Thomas P. Gilbert and Gary R Graves and Lars Hestbjerg Hansen},
  journal={Nature communications},
Vultures are scavengers that fill a key ecosystem niche, in which they have evolved a remarkable tolerance to bacterial toxins in decaying meat. Here we report the first deep metagenomic analysis of the vulture microbiome. Through face and gut comparisons of 50 vultures representing two species, we demonstrate a remarkably conserved low diversity of gut… CONTINUE READING