The methodology of economics, or, How economists explain

  title={The methodology of economics, or, How economists explain},
  author={Mark Blaug},
  • M. Blaug
  • Published 18 December 1980
  • Economics
This book is an examination of the nature of economic explanation. The opening chapters introduce current thinking in the philosophy of science and review the literature on methodology. Professor Blaug then turns to the troublesome question of the logical status of welfare economics, giving the reader an understanding of the outstanding issues in the methodology of economics. This is followed by a series of case studies of leading economic controversies, which shows how controversies in… 

Economic methodology, the philosophy of economics and the economy: another turn?

ABSTRACT This contribution considers how economic methodology and the philosophy of economics have evolved in the light of real experience in the economy. Philosophical and methodological discourse

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In the sociology and philosophy of science literature, the contents of a textbook most often reflect the state of the art in the discipline. Economic Methodology, written by two respected

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Mark Blaug played a central role in the development of the field of the methodology of economics, alongside his theoretical work and contributions to the history of economic thought. The purpose, in

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The study of the economy has not developed as have other sciences, in which direct observation and data collection by the scientists themselves play a large part. Rather than evidence, which is

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In this article, recent research on the economics of institutions is summarized and assessed The economics of institutions is an attempt to integrate recent research in various sub-fields of

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The structure of the Chapter is as follows. In Section 2 I discuss some of the factors that may have played a role in causing the crisis and emphasise that supporters of different economic theories

Blaug on the historiography of economics

This paper discusses how Mark Blaug reversed his thinking about the historiography of economics, abandoning ‘rational’ for ‘historical’ reconstruction, and using an economics of scientific knowledge

Mark Blaug on the Historiography of Economics

This paper discusses how Mark Blaug reversed his thinking about the historiography of economics, abandoning rational reconstructions for historical ones, by using an economics of scientific knowledge

The Crisis in Economics, Its Nature, and Ways to Recover

  • A. Nekipelov
  • Economics
    Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • 2019
In recent decades, along with the conventional mainstream economic theory, numerous alternative approaches to solving key economic problems have emerged, which the author considers evidence of a