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The method of inhalation therapy with micro-doses of mixtures noble gases with oxygen

  title={The method of inhalation therapy with micro-doses of mixtures noble gases with oxygen},
  author={A.Yu.Perov and B.M.Ovchinnikov and V.V.Parusov and A.V.Bobrovnikov and V.G.Safronova and Yu.D.Holodilin},
In this research, we presented the method of inhalation therapy with noble gas micro-doses and results of clinical studies in hospital of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). We have designed a device that allows dosed injection of noble gas with a volume of about 2-4 ml with peroxide vapors into the nasal cavity. After testing on the authors of the project and obtaining a positive impact of xenon and krypton, a study was conducted on a group of conditionally healthy volunteers in the amount of… 


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