The methenamine misunderstanding in the therapy of phosgene poisoning

  title={The methenamine misunderstanding in the therapy of phosgene poisoning},
  author={Werner F. Diller},
  journal={Archives of Toxicology},
  • W. Diller
  • Published 1 December 1980
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Archives of Toxicology
A thorough analysis of the pertinent literature leads to the conclusion that there is no justification for the use of methenamine (hexamethylene tetramin, Urotropin) for the therapy of phosgene poisoning. 
Acute accidental phosgene poisoning
The clinical presentation and management of accidental phosGene poisoning happened after the leakage of phosgene gas from nearby pipeline is described.
The Prophylactic and Therapeutic Effects of Cholinolytics on Perfluoroisobutylene Inhalation Induced Acute Lung Injury
The results suggest that cholinolytics might have prophylactic and therapeutic roles in PFIB inhalation induced ALI.
Phosgene-induced acute lung injury (ALI): differences from chlorine-induced ALI and attempts to translate toxicology to clinical medicine
Hematology revealed hemoconcentration to be an early marker of pulmonary edema and fibrin as a discriminating endpoint that was positive for the airway irritant chlorine and negative for the alveolar irritant phosgene to be a harbinger of progressively developing lung edema.
Inhaled nitric oxide aggravates phosgene model of acute lung injury
It is demonstrated that accidental exposures can be modeled best in rats by exposure durations of at least 20–30 min, and whether edema formation can be modulated by inhaled nitric oxide (iNO).


Klinik und Pathologie der Phosgenvergiftung
All aspects of phosgene poisoning are discussed: epidemiology, toxicity, pathology, clinical course, complications, mortality, therapy, late effects, chronic intoxication, and acquired resistance.
The prophylactic effect of hexamethylenetetramine in dogs exposed to high concentrations of phosgene.
  • L. Karel, R. Weston
  • Medicine
    The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics
  • 1946
The increase in mortality with decrease in HMT dose is suggestive of a quantitative relationship between the effective prophylactic dose of HMT and the concentration and dose of phosgene to which the animal is exposed, and the reduction in mortality in the treated animals is highly significant.
Poisoning Diagnosis and Treatment
This dissertation aims to provide a history of adverse reaction research in the field of pharmacology and toxicology dating back to the 1950s and investigates the role of serotonin in the development of adverse reactions.
Zur Therapie akuter Intoxikationen durch schwer wasserl6sliche Lungenreizstoffe
  • Klinik und Pathologie der Phosgenvergiftung. Pneumologie
  • 1978
Chemistry of phosgene
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