The metastatic cascade in prostate cancer.

  title={The metastatic cascade in prostate cancer.},
  author={Manit Arya and Simon R J Bott and Iqbal S. Shergill and Hashim Uddin Ahmed and Magali Williamson and Hiten R. H. Patel},
  journal={Surgical oncology},
  volume={15 3},
Morbidity and mortality due to prostate cancer are mainly a result of prostate cancer metastases. After the initial neoplastic transformation of cells, the process of metastasis involves a series of sequential steps, which involve neoangiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis, loss of adhesion with migration away from the primary tumour and entry into the systemic vasculature or lymphatics. Metastatic growth in sites such as lymph nodes and bone marrow then involves the specific non-random homing of… CONTINUE READING


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