The metabolism of 1-nitropyrene by human cytochromes P450.

  title={The metabolism of 1-nitropyrene by human cytochromes P450.},
  author={Paul C. Howard and Toshifumi Aoyama and Simone Bauer and H. V. Gelboin and Frank J. Gonzalez},
  volume={11 9},
The metabolism of [3H]1-nitropyrene by specific forms of human cytochrome P450 was investigated in vitro using Vaccinia virus expression of P450 cDNAs in HepG2 cells. Cell lysates were injected individually with recombinant Vaccinia virus containing human P450 cDNA (P450 IA2, IIA3, IIB7, IIC8, IIC9, IID6, IIE1, IIF1, IIIA3, IIIA4, IIIA5 AND IVB1). Only IIIA3 and IIIA4 demonstrated significant activity in the C-oxidation of 1-nitropyrene. The principal metabolite from both P450 forms was 1… CONTINUE READING