The metabolic background is a global player in Saccharomyces gene expression epistasis

  title={The metabolic background is a global player in Saccharomyces gene expression epistasis},
  author={Mohammad Tauqeer Alam and Aleksej Zelezniak and Michael M{\"u}lleder and Pavel V. Shliaha and Roland Schwarz and Floriana Capuano and Jakob Vowinckel and E. Radmaneshfar and Antje Kr{\"u}ger and Enrica Calvani and Steve Michel and Stefan T. Boerno and Stefan Christen and Kiran Raosaheb Patil and Bernd Timmermann and Kathryn S. Lilley and Markus Ralser},
  journal={Nature Microbiology},
The regulation of gene expression in response to nutrient availability is fundamental to the genotype–phenotype relationship. The metabolic–genetic make-up of the cell, as reflected in auxotrophy, is hence likely to be a determinant of gene expression. Here, we address the importance of the metabolic–genetic background by monitoring transcriptome, proteome and metabolome in a repertoire of 16 Saccharomyces cerevisiae laboratory backgrounds, combinatorially perturbed in histidine, leucine… CONTINUE READING
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