The melting curve of tetrahydrofuran hydrate in D2O

  title={The melting curve of tetrahydrofuran hydrate in D2O},
  author={Howard J. M. Hanley and Gene Meyers and John William White and E. D. Sloan},
  journal={International Journal of Thermophysics},
Melting points for the tetrahydrofuran/D2O hydrate in equilibrium with the airsaturated liquid at atmospheric pressure are reported. The melting points were measured by monitoring the absorbance of the solution. Overall, the meltingpoint phase boundary curve is about 2.5 K greater than the corresponding curve for the H2O hydrate, with a congruent melting temperature of 281±0.5 K at a D2O mole fraction of 0.936. The phase boundary is predicted to within 5% if the assumption is made that the THF… CONTINUE READING