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The medium-modified $g\to c\bar{c}$ splitting function in the BDMPS-Z formalism

  title={The medium-modified \$g\to c\bar\{c\}\$ splitting function in the BDMPS-Z formalism},
  author={Maximilian Attems and Jasmine Brewer and Gian Michele Innocenti and Aleksas Mazeliauskas and Sohyun Park and Wilke van der Schee and Urs Achim Wiedemann},
The formalism of Baier-Dokshitzer-Mueller-Peigné-Schiff and Zakharov determines the modifications of parton splittings in the QCD plasma that arise from mediuminduced gluon radiation. Here, we study medium-modifications of the gluon splitting into a quark–anti-quark pair in this BDMPS-Z formalism. We derive a compact path-integral formulation that resums effects from an arbitrary number of interactions with the medium to leading O(1/N2 c ) . Analyses in the N = 1 opacity and the saddle point… 



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  • P. CaucalE. IancuA. MuellerG. Soyez
  • Physics
    Proceedings of International Conference on Hard and Electromagnetic Probes of High-Energy Nuclear Collisions — PoS(HardProbes2018)
  • 2019
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