The mechanism of OTUB1 inhibition of ubiquitination

  title={The mechanism of OTUB1 inhibition of ubiquitination},
  author={Reuven Wiener and Xiangbin Zhang and Tao Wang and Cynthia Wolberger},
Histones are ubiquitinated in response to DNA double-strand breaks (DSB), promoting recruitment of repair proteins to chromatin. UBC13 (also known as UBE2N) is a ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme (E2) that heterodimerizes with UEV1A (also known as UBE2V1) and synthesizes K63-linked polyubiquitin (K63Ub) chains at DSB sites in concert with the ubiquitin ligase (E3), RNF168 (ref. 3). K63Ub synthesis is regulated in a non-canonical manner by the deubiquitinating enzyme, OTUB1 (OTU domain-containing… CONTINUE READING
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