The mechanism by which social media influencers persuade consumers: The role of consumers’ desire to mimic

  title={The mechanism by which social media influencers persuade consumers: The role of consumers’ desire to mimic},
  author={Chung-Wha (Chloe) Ki and Youn-Kyung Kim},
  journal={Psychology \& Marketing},
Follow, Like and Share the Leader: Examining SMI Marketing through the Lense of Personality Cults
Purpose: ​As marketing campaigns are using social media influencers (SMI) more and more, this thesis examines if the psychological underpinnings in the follower-leader dynamic in cults of personality
How social media influencers affect behavioural intentions towards recommended brands: the role of emotional attachment and information value
ABSTRACT Despite the current relevance of social media influencers in brand communication strategies, questions remain about the factors that determine their influential power and how this power
The mechanism of social media marketing: influencer characteristics, consumer empathy, immersion, and sponsorship disclosure
Abstract Recently, influencer marketing and sponsorship activities have been crucial in marketing communication. This paper explores the relationship between influencers’ characteristics (i.e.,
A Conceptual Model of Drivers of Online Brand Engagement
  • G. Amoako
  • Moving Businesses Online and Embracing E-Commerce
  • 2022
This chapter proposes that customer relationship management (CRM) activities of firms do have influence on trust developed by customers on digital platforms of firms. Similarly, e-commerce activities
Applying Theoretical Perspectives to Social Media Influencers
This chapter examines how persuasion manifests in online communications from social media influencers to their followers. As the authors explore ways to manage the unprecedented amounts of
Impacts of influencer attributes on purchase intentions in social media influencer marketing: Mediating roles of characterizations
Abstract Social media influencer marketing has recently received significant attention. Many studies have explored the parasocial relationship (PSR) formation between influencers and followers. PSR
Online influencer marketing
Online influencer marketing (OIM) has become an integral component of brands’ marketing strategies; however, marketers lack an adequate understanding of its scope, effectiveness, and potential
The Study of Para-Social Interaction With E-Word-of-Mouth for Influencer Marketing by Complex Computing
The purpose of this study was focused on exploring the relationship among the fans’ preferences, fans’ para-social interaction, and fans’ word-of-mouth. A survey consisted of 21 items based on the


Influencers on Instagram: Antecedents and consequences of opinion leadership
Abstract Opinion leaders are important sources of advice for other consumers. Instagram is the most used platform by opinion leaders in the fashion industry, and this trend is expected to continue in
Influencer Marketing: How Message Value and Credibility Affect Consumer Trust of Branded Content on Social Media
Abstract In the past few years, expenditure on influencer marketing has grown exponentially. The present study involves preliminary research to understand the mechanism by which influencer marketing
Accumulation mechanism of opinion leaders' social interaction ties in virtual communities: Empirical evidence from China
The research findings indicate that opinion leaders accumulate their social interaction ties through different routes such as self-identity, knowledge contribution, and reciprocity, and that both knowledge contribution and reciprocities have a mediating effect on the relation between opinion leader status andsocial interaction ties.
Authenticity under threat: When social media influencers need to go beyond self-presentation
Social media influencers (SMIs) are increasingly being approached by brands to promote products, a practice commonly called influencer marketing. SMIs can take advantage of their influence to obtain
Using online opinion leaders to promote the hedonic and utilitarian value of products and services
Research and applied evidence suggest that online opinion leaders are important promoters of products and services. However, managers and firms need to choose which opinion leaders to work with and
#Influencer marketing on instagram : consumer responses towards promotional posts: the effects of message sidedness
The communication environment for businesses has significantly changed with Web 2.0 and Social Networking Sites (SNS). Consumers rely more than ever on recommendations from their peers. Electronic
Disclosing Instagram Influencer Advertising: The Effects of Disclosure Language on Advertising Recognition, Attitudes, and Behavioral Intent
ABSTRACT In this study we examined the effect of disclosure language (control/no disclosure, “SP,” “Sponsored,” and “Paid Ad”) in Instagram-based influencer advertising on ad recognition, brand
Exploring the credibility of online celebrities' Instagram profiles in influencing the purchase decisions of young female users
The research findings show that celebrities on Instagram are influential in the purchase behaviour of young female users, however, non-traditional celebrities such as bloggers, YouTube personalities and ‘Instafamous’ profiles are more powerful, as participants regard them as more credible and are able to relate to these, rather than more traditional, celebrities.
Fostering Parasocial Relationships with Celebrities on Social Media: Implications for Celebrity Endorsement
The purpose of this study was to explore the underlying mechanisms through which the use of social media affects endorser effectiveness. Based on theories related to parasocial relationships,
Personality factors and flow affecting opinion leadership in social media
Abstract This study examines the personality traits of people who tend to engage in social media as opinion leaders in the context of the travel industry. Specifically, we investigate the extent to