The maxillary sinus floor in the oral implantology.

  title={The maxillary sinus floor in the oral implantology.},
  author={Vanda Roxana Nimigean and Nicoleta Măru and D I Sălăvăstru and Daniela Gabriela Bădiţă and Mihaela Jana Țuculină},
  journal={Romanian journal of morphology and embryology = Revue roumaine de morphologie et embryologie},
  volume={49 4},
UNLABELLED The aim of this study was to establish the mean distances between the maxillary sinus floor and the roots of the lateral maxillary teeth in dentate subjects, respectively the mean height of the available bone for oral implant placement in the corresponding area, in edentulous ones. MATERIAL AND METHODS We determined the maxillary sinus floor position in relation to morphoclinical alveolodental benchmarks on 50 dry skulls, dentate 30 and edentulous 20, and correlations were… CONTINUE READING