The mature part of proNGF induces the structure of its pro-peptide.

  title={The mature part of proNGF induces the structure of its pro-peptide.},
  author={Marco Kliemannel and Anke Rattenholl and Ralph Peter Golbik and Jochen Balbach and Hauke Lilie and Rainer Rudolph and Elisabeth Schwarz},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={566 1-3},
Human nerve growth factor (NGF) belongs to the structural family of cystine knot proteins, characterized by a disulfide pattern in which one disulfide bond threads through a ring formed by a pair of two other disulfides connecting two adjacent beta-strands. Oxidative folding of NGF revealed that the pro-peptide of NGF stimulates in vitro structure formation. In order to learn more about this folding assisting protein fragment, a biophysical analysis of the pro-peptide structure has been… CONTINUE READING

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