The matter density PDF for modified gravity and dark energy with Large Deviations Theory

  title={The matter density PDF for modified gravity and dark energy with Large Deviations Theory},
  author={Matteo Cataneo and Cora Uhlemann and Christian Arnold and Alexander J. Gough and Baojiu Li and Catherine Heymans},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
We present an analytical description of the probability distribution function (PDF) of the smoothed three-dimensional matter density field for modified gravity and dark energy. Our approach, based on the principles of Large Deviations Theory, is applicable to general extensions of the standard Ξ›CDM cosmology. We show that late-time changes to the law of gravity and background expansion can be included through Einstein-de Sitter spherical collapse dynamics combined with linear theory… 

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APPENDIX B: MEANS AND VARIANCES OF THE SIMULATED NON-LINEAR DENSITY FIELD Table B1 lists variances and means extracted from the simulations for various smoothing radii and redshifts

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