The material culture of multilingualism: moving beyond the linguistic landscape

  title={The material culture of multilingualism: moving beyond the linguistic landscape},
  author={Larissa Aronin and Muiris {\'O} Laoire},
  journal={International Journal of Multilingualism},
  pages={225 - 235}
Not all the constituents of societal or individual multilingualism (speaker, language, context and environment) have been researched equally to date. Multilingualism studies up to this juncture have theorised environment mostly as milieu, conceptualised usually in terms of people, i.e. community, family, school populations. Heretofore, the material culture of multilingualism has remained largely unresearched. This is surprising, since the environment of multilinguals is replete with material… 
Introduction: The Realm of the Material Culture of Multilingualism
The introduction describes the field of material culture of multilingualism as a synthesis of two important provinces of human interest – ‘multilingualism’ and ‘material culture’. It starts with
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Theoretical Underpinnings of the Material Culture of Multilingualism
The material culture of multilingualism is an emerging domain of research in multilingualism studies. The aims of this chapter are to present the material culture of multilingualism as a field in its
The Material Cultures of Multilingualism in a Minoritized Setting: The Maintenance and Transformation of Lemko Language and Culture
Minority cultures and associated efforts to maintain and promote their linguistic varieties in situations of unbalanced multilingualism face many challenges. Pressure to adapt to modernity and
Multilingualism in post-postmodernity has proved to be the prevailing human condition. Various approaches have been applied to fully embrace the advantages of multilingualism and to come to terms
The Localized Use of Language in Material Culture: A Case Study, a Kibbutz
This examination of language use in the material culture of a single Israeli Kibbutz (a communal settlement) analyzes use of the local language, Hebrew, among bilingual and multilingual community
Material culture of multilingualism and affectivity
Affectivity is an important dimension in humans’ social and individual lives. It is either a stimulating or hindering aspect of language learning. This article aims to draw attention to material
Multilingual Students’ Representations of Material Culture
The present study investigates multilingual students’ representations of the material cultures of several countries, acquired by the participants either directly (for example, because they have
Towards a semiotics of multilingualism
Abstract Describing the semiotic activity of multifaceted configurations of language presence in plurilingual contexts (spaces and objects) as multilingual semiosis, this article adopts a classical
Popular children’s songs and the display of Italian multilingualism in Australia
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  • Linguistics
    Journal of Multilingual Theories and Practices
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Italians in Australia have been shown to have a varied linguistic repertoire, due to the presence of a high number of regional languages/dialects spoken in Italy, which they brought with them upon


Multilingualism as a New Linguistic Dispensation
Abstract This paper aims to show that the development of multilingualism in the world has reached a point where, in terms of scale and significance, it is comparable with and assimilable to
The Material Culture of Multilingualism
Due to the all-embracing nature of multilingualism, it is customary that research on multilingualism deals not only with purely linguistic matters, but extends to the domains of psychology and
Linguistic landscapes, discursive frames and metacultural performance: the case of Welsh Patagonia
Abstract Linguistic landscapes have, in the main, been analyzed distributionally, noting the preponderance of different language codes in particular settings. In contrast, we develop a qualitative,
Linguistic landscape : a new approach to multilingualism
Contents 1. Introduction: The Study of the Linguistic Landscape as a New Approach to Multilingualism - Durk Gorter (Fryske Akademy, Universiteit van Amsterdam) 2. Linguistic Landscape as Symbolic
Minority Languages in the Linguistic Landscape
List of Contributors Overview Map of Cases Discussed in this Book Studying Minority Languages in the Linguistic Landscape H.F.Marten , L.Van Mensel & D.Gorter PART I: LANGUAGE IDEOLOGIES AND
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human and spiritual relations in those surroundings. Indeed, folk objects and actions are especially striking evidence of people's hidden experiences, values, and mores. The significance humans
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lizingly mentioned in the text (e.g., Mather's map of New England, Roads of the USA, and the maps of Guilluame de Lisle). Other sources of illustration are mentioned but not used (e.g., Currier and
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