The mass media and the national question in Udmurtia in the 1990s

  title={The mass media and the national question in Udmurtia in the 1990s},
  author={Aleksandr Shkliaev and Eva Toulouze},
  journal={Nationalities Papers},
  pages={108 - 97}
The so-called “national,” or ethnopolitical questions, whose existence has long been denied in Russia, is a significant issue in the Udmurt Republic. The Soviet propaganda machine long advanced the theme of friendship among all the peoples of the multinational USSR until glasnost', when this notion began to be questioned by society. In the minority areas ethnic questions finally emerged at the end of the 1980s and since then have occupied a prominent place in the mass media, in Udmurtia and… 
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Dzhinn' pokazyvaet kharakter
    The name in question
      Izdatel'stvo Udmurtskogo universiteta, 1994), a book dedicated to the entire history of the repressions in Udmurtia; recently, a monograph has been written exclusively on this affair
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      This argument has been enhanced by the Udmurt scholar and politician K
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