The many faces of superradiance

  title={The many faces of superradiance},
  author={J. Bekenstein and M. Schiffer},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Inertial motion superradiance, the emission of radiation by an initially unexcited system moving inertially but superluminally through a medium, has long been known. Rotational superradiance, the amplification of radiation by a rotating rigid object, was recognized much later, principally in connection with black hole radiances. Here we review the principles of inertial motion superradiance and prove thermodynamically that the Ginzburg-Frank condition for superradiance coincides with the… Expand
A modern approach to superradiance
A bstractIn this paper, we provide a simple and modern discussion of rotational super-radiance based on quantum field theory. We work with an effective theory valid at scales much larger than theExpand
Penrose process, superradiance, and ergoregion instabilities
Superradiant scattering is a radiation enhancement process that takes place in many contexts, and which has recently found exciting applications in astro and particle physics. In the framework ofExpand
Superradiant scattering by a black hole binary
I present evidence of a novel guise of superradiance that arises in black hole binary spacetimes. Given the right initial conditions, a wave will be amplified as it scatters off the binary. ThisExpand
Phonon Superradiance in Dilute GasBose-Einstein Condensates
The analogy between the propagation of a massless scalar field in curved spacetime and the propagation of sound waves in a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) gives rise to the possibility of observingExpand
Rotational quantum friction in superfluids: Radiation from object rotating in superfluid vacuum
The friction experienced by a body rotating in a superfluid liquid at T=0 is discussed. The effect is analogous to the amplification of electromagnetic radiation and spontaneous emission by a body orExpand
Generalized superradiant scattering
We analyze the necessary and sufficient conditions for the occurrence of superradiance. Starting with a wave equation we examine the possibility of superradiance in terms of an effective potentialExpand
Superradiance in a ghost-free scalar theory
We study superradiance effect in the ghost-free theory. We consider a scattering of a ghost-free scalar massless field on a rotating cylinder. We assume that cylinder is thin and empty inside, soExpand
Quantum Cherenkov radiation and noncontact friction
We present a number of arguments to demonstrate that a quantum analog of Cherenkov effect occurs when two dispersive objects are in relative motion. Specifically we show that two semi-infinite platesExpand
Reinventing the Zel'Dovich wheel
After reviewing the pioneering work by Zel'Dovich in which radiation is amplified perpendicular to the axis of a rotating conductor, we consider an alternative scattering arrangement. We demonstrateExpand
Black hole lasers, a mode analysis
We show that the black hole laser effect discovered by Corley and Jacobson should be described in terms of frequency eigenmodes that are spatially bound. The spectrum contains a discrete and finiteExpand


Fluid Mechanics
Ludwig Krinner (Dated: November 5th 2012) Abstract This is a script made with the help of Landau Lifshitz, Book VI [1] on fluid mechanics, that gives a short introduction to basic fluid mechanics.Expand
Introduction to solid state physics
Mathematical Introduction Acoustic Phonons Plasmons, Optical Phonons, and Polarization Waves Magnons Fermion Fields and the Hartree-Fock Approximation Many-body Techniques and the Electron GasExpand
Statistical Physics
Statistical Physics. By F. Mandl. Pp. xiii + 379. (Wiley: London and New York, July 1971.) £2.75. Statistical Physics. By A. Isihara. Pp. xv + 439. (Academic: New York and London, June 1971.) $18.50;Expand
Electrodynamics of continuous media
Electrostatics of conductors Static magnetic field Superconductivity The propagation of electromagnetic waves Spatial dispersion Diffraction of X rays in crystals.
social workers in patient care more often. They more often disagreed with the statements that homelessness is generally due to fecklessness, that psychoanalysis is not much better than a form ofExpand
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