The management of multiple pregnancies after induction for superovulation.

  title={The management of multiple pregnancies after induction for superovulation.},
  author={Jacques Salat-Baroux and J. Aknin and J. M. Antoine and R Alamowitch},
  journal={Human reproduction},
  volume={3 3},
The high rate of multiple pregnancies after embryo transfer depends upon the number of embryos replaced and amounts to approximately 20% for four or more embryos. This incidence justifies a preventive or curative treatment after the induction of superovulation. Aspiration of one or more embryos via the cervix under ultrasound control has been undertaken on 42 patients since 1983, and involved two sextuplets, 10 quadruplets, 18 triplets and 12 twins. Twenty six embryo reductions were performed… CONTINUE READING

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