The magnetic memory of Titan's ionized atmosphere.

  title={The magnetic memory of Titan's ionized atmosphere.},
  author={C{\'e}sar L. Bertucci and N. Achilleos and Michele K Dougherty and Ronan Modolo and Andrew J Coates and Karoly Szego and Adam Masters and Yingjuan Ma and F. Neubauer and Philippe E Garnier and J-E Wahlund and David T. Young},
  volume={321 5895},
After 3 years and 31 close flybys of Titan by the Cassini Orbiter, Titan was finally observed in the shocked solar wind, outside of Saturn's magnetosphere. These observations revealed that Titan's flow-induced magnetosphere was populated by "fossil" fields originating from Saturn, to which the satellite was exposed before its excursion through the magnetopause. In addition, strong magnetic shear observed at the edge of Titan's induced magnetosphere suggests that reconnection may have been… CONTINUE READING

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