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The lying truths of psychiatry.

  title={The lying truths of psychiatry.},
  author={T. Szasz},
  journal={The Journal of libertarian studies},
  volume={3 2},
  • T. Szasz
  • Published 1979
  • Medicine
  • The Journal of libertarian studies
We have been forced to stop all intercourse between Adler's splinter group and our own association, and our medical guests are also requested to choose which of the two they will visit. . . . It is not my purpose, my dear lady, to enforce such limitations in your case. 1 only request of you that with due regard for the situation you make use of an artificial psychic split, so to speak, and make no mention there of your role here and vice versa. Sigmund Freud (1912)' 
Theatres of the lie: 'crazy' deception and lying as drama
It is concluded that a perspective on lying as theatre may be of use outside psychiatric wards and will occur in imbalanced power relationships. Expand
The natural rights of children.
Rothbardian libertarianism argues that a child, able to express his preferences when it comes to the nature and degree of supervision and restraint to which he will be subjected, should equally enjoy that right to property rights. Expand
What does libertarian theory, Murray Rothbard’s theory in particular, tell us about the rights of children? The two foundational principles of Rothbardian libertarianism are the sanctity of privateExpand
Rorschach e sofrimento psíquico grave: funcionamento psíquico nas primeiras crises psicóticas
This is a study about structure and dynamics of the personality of 10 clients in first psychotic-like crises, critically questioning traditional practices in early intervention. Ten clients underExpand


Greist el 01 . . " Antidepressant Running
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