The lung of shrews: morphometric estimation of diffusion capacity.

  title={The lung of shrews: morphometric estimation of diffusion capacity.},
  author={Peter Gehr and S Sehovi{\'c} and Peter H. Burri and Helgard Claassen and Ewald R. Weibel},
  journal={Respiration physiology},
  volume={40 1},
The lungs of 16 shrews from 8 species (Sorex minutus, Neomys fodiens, Suncus etruscus, Crocidura russula, C. juvenetae, C. poensis, C. flavescens, C. giffardi) ranging in body weight from 2.2 to 100 g were studied by morphometry in order to compare the structural diffusion capacity for oxygen. DL02, with the oxygen consumption, VO2, measured on the same animals. VO2 was determined by short term measurements using a respirometer. DLO2 was estimated morphometrically. Both parameters demonstrated… CONTINUE READING
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