The luminous B [ e ] binary AS 381

  title={The luminous B [ e ] binary AS 381},
  author={A. S. Miroshnichenko and K S A S J E M R B L A D Bjorkman and E. L. Chentsov and V. G. Klochkova and O. V. Ezhkova and Richard O. Gray and P. Gar{\'c}ıa-Lario and J. V. Perea Calder{\'o}n and Richard J. Rudy and David K. Lynch and S. Mazuk and C. C. Venturini and R. Puetter}
We present the results of optical and near-IR spectroscopic and broadband multicolour photometric observations of the emission-line star AS 381. Its properties were found to be similar to those of Be stars with warm dust, a group of galactic objects recently defined by Sheikina et al. (2000). The spectrum of AS 381 indicates the presence of both a hot… CONTINUE READING