The low politics of higher education: saffron branded neoliberalism and the assault on Indian universities

  title={The low politics of higher education: saffron branded neoliberalism and the assault on Indian universities},
  author={Navdeep Mathur},
  journal={Critical Policy Studies},
  pages={121 - 125}
  • N. Mathur
  • Published 2 January 2018
  • Education
  • Critical Policy Studies
ABSTRACT Through an examination of recent events and controversies at Indian universities, this article reflects on the neoliberal creep taking over academia. The narrative connects the suicide note of a Dalit caste doctoral student, a student festival of political dissent, missives from the education minister, the financialization of higher education, and a market-oriented performance management system to discipline the professoriate. The latter element in the narrative is illustrated through… 

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