The lost portrait of Robert Hooke?

  title={The lost portrait of Robert Hooke?},
  author={Lawrence R Griffing},
  journal={Journal of Microscopy},
  • L. Griffing
  • Published 3 February 2020
  • History
  • Journal of Microscopy
This letter considers the ‘Portrait of a Mathematician’ attributed to Mary Beale in the 1680s as a likely candidate for a portrait of Robert Hooke made during his lifetime. It closely matches the physical descriptions of Hooke made by his biographers who knew him, Richard Waller (d. 1715) and John Aubrey (1626–1697). The portrait contains a remarkable diagram, as well as its mechanical analogue, demonstrating the elliptical orbit of a body under constant force similar to an unpublished… 
Unconvincing evidence that Beale's Mathematician is Robert Hooke
There are no authenticated portraits of the polymath Robert Hooke, but based mainly upon his analysis of the armillary, diagram, and landscape in Mary Beale’s Portrait of a Mathematician, Griffing posited that the sitter is “likely” to be Hooke.
Comments on Dr Whittaker's letter and the article
[Corrections added on 10 March 2021, after first online publication: The first sentence was modified to make reference to the Letter being responded to and the original paper on which the Letter
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Robert HookeBy Margaret 'Espinasse. (Contemporary Science Series.) Pp. ix + 192 + 16 plates. (London: William Heinemann, Ltd., 1956.) 21s.