The long term effect of forest logging on the macroinvertebrates in a Fijian stream

  title={The long term effect of forest logging on the macroinvertebrates in a Fijian stream},
  author={Alison M Haynes},
  • A. Haynes
  • Published 2004
  • Environmental Science
  • Hydrobiologia
The species richness and abundance of macroinvertebrates were assessed in two adjacent similar streams, the Nabukavesi and Wainikovu creeks (Viti Levu, Fiji) at intervals of 2 months for 3 years. Previous logging of rain forest in the Nabukavesi catchment had subjected it to suspended sediment loads and to sediment and grit deposition on its substrate, In contrast the forest in the Wainikovu catchment had not been logged. Species richness was significantly higher (11–18 species; total 38 spp… Expand

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