The logic of the sciences and the humanities

  title={The logic of the sciences and the humanities},
  author={F. S. C. Northrop},
The author discusses the application of logic to the diverse scientific methods of the several natural and social sciences and to the humanities. 
Toward the Scientific Evaluation of Social Attitudes and Ideologies
(1951). Toward the Scientific Evaluation of Social Attitudes and Ideologies. The Journal of Psychology: Vol. 31, No. 1, pp. 97-104.
Integration and the Strategy of Scientific Inquiry
The acceptance and use of the integrating concepts of man and culture would have far-reaching effects on the conduct of scientific research and the strategy of inquiry in the social sciences. We have
The Consequences of Pragmatism
In this chapter we present the general parameters of a pragmatist epistemology that will guide the framing of each of the specific environmental issues to be addressed later in the book. In short,
Assumption of the burden: Science or criticism?
This article adjudicates the claim to science made by current researchers in speech communication. It argues the point that contemporary research is best characterized as criticism, and that the
A critique of Marx's theory of alienation
This dissertation is a critique of Marx's theory of alienation with emphasis on how Marx constructed his definition of man and consciousness. The main premise of the theory is that private property
The psychology of interpersonal relations
The psychology of interpersonal relations , The psychology of interpersonal relations , کتابخانه دیجیتال و فن آوری اطلاعات دانشگاه امام صادق(ع)
The Moral Community: An Additional Dimension to Individualistic Rationalism
In today′s complex and interdependent society the meaning of the individual and the meaning of the community become critical for the functioning of a well‐ordered society. Examines the basic flaw in
Changing Perspectives in Philosophy
WHILE the main direction of the modern age has represented a retreat from the biblical faith of Judaism and Christianity, seeking refuge in both religion and irreligion, some significant and
A Developmental Approach to Social Science: A Model for Analyzing Charles Alexander's Scientific Contributions
A seven-paradigm developmental model of social science is presented (behaviorism, gestalt sociologism, empirical positivism, multi-method eclecticism, postmodern interpretivism, cooperative
Global Bioethical Prevention of the Collision of Biological and Cultural Evolution on Miserable Human Survival
With the cultural myth that science can only determine the way the world “is” (facts), while humanities, social sciences, lawyers, philosophers, and theologians must determine the way the world