The locomotion of the low spinal cat. II. Interlimb coordination.

  title={The locomotion of the low spinal cat. II. Interlimb coordination.},
  author={Hans Forssberg and Sten Grillner and J M Halbertsma and Serge Rossignol},
  journal={Acta physiologica Scandinavica},
  volume={108 3},
The interaction of the two hindlimbs were investigated by an analysis of the muscular activity and the movements in 14 chronic spinal kittens during treadmill locomotion (i.e. in kittens subjected to a transection of the spinal cord (Th10--12)) one or two weeks after birth). At low speed the limbs were alternating (walk or trot). At higher they were activated more simultaneous, as during gallop. The two limbs could walk at different velocities, as during walking in a circle, when the two belts… CONTINUE READING
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