The localization theorem for framed motivic spaces

  title={The localization theorem for framed motivic spaces},
  author={Marc Hoyois},
  journal={Compositio Mathematica},
  pages={1 - 11}
  • Marc Hoyois
  • Published 11 July 2018
  • Mathematics
  • Compositio Mathematica
We prove the analog of the Morel–Voevodsky localization theorem for framed motivic spaces. We deduce that framed motivic spectra are equivalent to motivic spectra over arbitrary schemes, and we give a new construction of the motivic cohomology of arbitrary schemes. 

Cancellation theorem for motivic spaces with finite flat transfers

We show that the category of motivic spaces with transfers along finite flat morphisms, over a perfect field, satisfies all the properties we have come to expect of good categories of motives. In

Voevodsky's slice conjectures via Hilbert schemes.

Using recent development in motivic infinite loop space theory, we offer short and conceptual reproofs of some conjectures of Voevodsky's on the slice filtration using the birational geometry of

Introduction to Framed Correspondences

We give an overview of the theory of framed correspondences in motivic homotopy theory. Motivic spaces with framed transfers are the analogue in motivic homotopy theory of E ∞ -spaces in classical

Stable motivic invariants are eventually étale local

In this paper we prove a Thomason-style descent theorem for the $\rho$-complete sphere spectrum. In particular, we deduce a very general etale descent result for torsion, $\rho$-complete motivic

Hermitian K-theory via oriented Gorenstein algebras

We show that hermitian K-theory is universal among generalized motivic cohomology theories with transfers along finite Gorenstein morphisms with trivialized dualizing sheaf. As an application, we

On the p-adic weight-monodromy conjecture for complete intersetions in toric varieties

A BSTRACT . We give a proof of the p -adic weight monodromy conjecture for scheme-theoretic complete intersections in projective smooth toric varieties. The strategy is based on Scholze’s proof in

Generalized cohomology theories for algebraic stacks

We extend the stable motivic homotopy category of Voevodsky to the class of scalloped algebraic stacks, and show that it admits the formalism of Grothendieck’s six operations. Objects in this

Notes on motivic infinite loop space theory

In fall of 2019, the Thursday Seminar at Harvard University studied motivic infinite loop space theory. As part of this, the authors gave a series of talks outlining the main theorems of the theory,

On \'etale motivic spectra and Voevodsky's convergence conjecture

We prove a new convergence result for the slice spectral sequence, following work by Levine and Voevodsky. This verifies a derived variant of Voevodsky’s conjecture on convergence of the slice



Motivic infinite loop spaces

We prove a recognition principle for motivic infinite P1-loop spaces over an infinite perfect field. This is achieved by developing a theory of framed motivic spaces, which is a motivic analogue of


We extend the localization techniques of Bloch to simplicial spaces. As applications, we give an extension of Bloch’s localization theorem for the higher Chow groups to schemes of finite type over a

Fundamental classes in motivic homotopy theory

We develop the theory of fundamental classes in the setting of motivic homotopy theory. Using this we construct, for any motivic spectrum, an associated bivariant theory in the sense of

A quadratic refinement of the Grothendieck-Lefschetz-Verdier trace formula

We prove a trace formula in stable motivic homotopy theory over a general base scheme, equating the trace of an endomorphism of a smooth proper scheme with the "Euler characteristic integral" of a

La réalisation étale et les opérations de Grothendieck

In this article, we construct etale realization functors defined on the categories DAet(X, Λ) of etale motives (without transfers) over a scheme X. Our construction is natural and relies on a

A commutative P^1-spectrum representing motivic cohomology over Dedekind domains

We construct a motivic Eilenberg-MacLane spectrum with a highly structured multiplication over smooth schemes over Dedekind domains which represents Levine's motivic cohomology. The latter is defined

Triangulated Categories of Mixed Motives

This book discusses the construction of triangulated categories of mixed motives over a noetherian scheme of finite dimension, extending Voevodsky's definition of motives over a field. In particular,

Norms in motivic homotopy theory

If $f : S' \to S$ is a finite locally free morphism of schemes, we construct a symmetric monoidal "norm" functor $f_\otimes : \mathcal{H}_{\bullet}(S')\to \mathcal{H}_{\bullet}(S)$, where

A1-homotopy theory of schemes

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Higher Algebra

AbstractTHIS new “Higher Algebra” will be examined with great interest by all teachers and serious students of mathematics. A book of this type is certainly needed at the present time, and the one