The liver pharmacological and xenobiotic gene response repertoire


We have used a supervised classification approach to systematically mine a large microarray database derived from livers of compound-treated rats. Thirty-four distinct signatures (classifiers) for pharmacological and toxicological end points can be identified. Just 200 genes are sufficient to classify these end points. Signatures were enriched in xenobiotic… (More)
DOI: 10.1038/msb.2008.9


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@article{Natsoulis2008TheLP, title={The liver pharmacological and xenobiotic gene response repertoire}, author={Georges Natsoulis and Cecelia I Pearson and Jeremy Gollub and Barrett P Eynon and Joe Ferng and Ramesh Nair and Radha Idury and May D Lee and M. R. Fielden and R. J. Brennan and Alan H Roter and Kurt Jarnagin}, journal={Molecular Systems Biology}, year={2008}, volume={4}, pages={175 - 175} }