The lipid kinase PI 4 KIII b preserves lysosomal identity

  title={The lipid kinase PI 4 KIII b preserves lysosomal identity},
  author={Sunandini Sridhar and Bindi K Patel and David Aphkhazava and Fernando Macian and Laura Santambrogio and Dennis Shields and Ana Mar{\'i}a Cuervo},
Lipid modifications are essential in cellular sorting and trafficking inside cells. The role of phosphoinositides in trafficking between Golgi and endocytic/lysosomal compartments has been extensively explored and the kinases responsible for these lipid changes have been identified. In contrast, the mechanisms that mediate exit and recycling from lysosomes (Lys), considered for a long time as terminal compartments, are less understood. In this work, we identify a dynamic association of the… CONTINUE READING