The limiting behavior of some infinitely divisible exponential dispersion models

  title={The limiting behavior of some infinitely divisible exponential dispersion models},
  author={Shaul K. Bar-Lev and G{\'e}rard Letac},
  journal={Statistics \& Probability Letters},
2 Other limit distributions and generalized convolution families
For each t > 0 let Yt be a positive random variable with distribution Ft and Laplace Stieltjes transform (LST) ψt. In [1] it was shown that as t → 0, Y −t t converges in distribution to some Y with
Research Topics in Statistics and Probability
Some research topics in statistics and probability at the B.Sc., M.Sc. or Ph.D. level. Key words: Dispersion models; econometrics; statistical distributions; statistical modelling. 1 Exponential
A Numerical Study of Small Parameter Behavior of Some Families of Distributions
This article proposes a procedure for the numerical assessment of the “goodness” of some easy-to-calculate limiting distributions, originally proposed in Bar-Lev and Enis, in various cases of the underlying distributions, some of which are inherently computationally challenging.
On the small-time behavior of subordinators
We prove several results on the behavior near t=0 of $Y_t^{-t}$ for certain $(0,\infty)$-valued stochastic processes $(Y_t)_{t>0}$. In particular, we show for L\'{e}vy subordinators that the Pareto


Natural Real Exponential Families with Cubic Variance Functions
Pursuing the classification initiated by Morris (1982), we describe all the natural exponential families on the real line such that the variance is a polynomial function of the mean with degree less
An Introduction To Probability Theory And Its Applications
A First Course in Probability (8th ed.) by S. Ross is a lively text that covers the basic ideas of probability theory including those needed in statistics.
Exponential Dispersion Models
On etudie les proprietes generales de la classe des modeles de dispersion exponentiels qui est la generalisation multivariable des modeles de distribution d'erreur de Nelder et Wedderburn (1972)
The Theory of Dispersion Models
Introduction to dispersion models natural exponential families exponential dispersion models tweedie models proper dispersion models.
An introduction to probability theory
This classic text and reference introduces probability theory for both advanced undergraduate students of statistics and scientists in related fields, drawing on real applications in the physical and
Dispersion Models
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