The light of life: evidence that the sun modulates human lifespan.

  title={The light of life: evidence that the sun modulates human lifespan.},
  author={W. Lowell and G. Davis},
  journal={Medical hypotheses},
  volume={70 3},
  • W. Lowell, G. Davis
  • Published 2008
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Medical hypotheses
  • UNLABELLED This paper describes the effects of radiation, probably ultraviolet radiation (UVR), on the human genome at peaks of solar cycles. [...] Key Result The authors use the vital statistics of 320,247 Maine citizens over a 29-year period to show that those born in 3-year peaks of 11-year solar cycles live an average of 1.5 years (CL 1.3-1.7) less than those born in non-peak years.Expand Abstract
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