The lifetime cost of driving a car

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A Paradigm Shift for a Transition to Sustainable Urban Transport
The traffic-engineering methods of planning based on the predict-and-provide principle have self-enforcing effects of induced traffic and an unhealthy environment for humans as well as for the


The value of car ownership and use in the United States
The value of private car ownership and use in four US metro areas is estimated using online discrete choice experiments to reframe the conversation around the transition away from private vehicle dependence, emphasizing the need to provide value and convenience if alternative mobility solutions are to be widely adopted.
Running a car costs much more than people think — stalling the uptake of green travel
Car owners underestimate total vehicle costs. Giving consumers this information could encourage the switch to cleaner transport and reduce emissions. Car owners underestimate total vehicle costs.
Is it time to abolish company car benefits? An analysis of transport behaviour in Germany and implications for climate change
ABSTRACT Company cars have received considerable attention because of their partial tax-exemption and the changes in travel behaviour they stimulate, including car model choices, distances driven,
Parking Policies and Road Pricing
There are two main sources of inefficiency in urban transport markets. First, transport prices fail to reflect the external costs of travel, notably peak-period external congestion costs. Secondly, a