The lifetime cost of a magnetic refrigerator

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Mathematical Modelling of Active Magnetic Regenerator Refrigeration System for Design Considerations

A magnetic refrigeration system has the potential to alternate the compression system with respect to environmental compatibility. Refrigeration systems currently operate on the basis of the

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The features of an active magnetic regenerator refrigerator are determined for its application in mobile air-conditioning systems. The thermal requirements of an electric vehicle have first been

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In a magnetic refrigeration device the magnet is the single most expensive component, and therefore it is crucially important to ensure that an effective magnetic field as possible is generated using

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The phase‐down scenario of conventional refrigerants used in gas–vapor compressors and the demand for environmentally friendly and efficient cooling make the search for alternative technologies more

Enhancing the temperature span of thermal switch‐based solid state magnetic refrigerators with field sweeping

Magnetocaloric refrigeration has been pointed out as the most promising alternative to the ubiquitous vapor‐compression refrigeration technology due to its high coefficient of performance.

The Resource Basis of Magnetic Refrigeration

Emerging economies such as China and India are currently experiencing a “refrigeration revolution.” Energy spent for domestic cooling is expected to outreach that for heating worldwide over the



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The adiabatic temperature change with field which is limited to about 2 K/Tesla for ferromagnets near their Curie temperatures by the change of magnetization with temperature and the lattice heat

Properties of magnetocaloric materials with a distribution of Curie temperatures

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Domestic refrigeration consumes a significant percentage of total energy used in both South Africa and the United States. This paper explores and optimizes the thermoeconomics of the refrigeration

Optimization and improvement of Halbach cylinder design

In this paper we describe the results of a parameter survey of a 16 segmented Halbach cylinder in three dimensions in which the parameters internal radius, rin, external radius, rex, and length, L,