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The life history of Noctuana haematospila (Hesperiidae: Pyrginae) in Ecuador

  title={The life history of Noctuana haematospila (Hesperiidae: Pyrginae) in Ecuador},
  author={Harold F. Greeney and Andrew D. Warren},
  journal={Journal of The Lepidopterists Society},

Immature stages of Ebusus ebusus ebusus (Cramer, 1780) in the Peruvian Amazon (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Hesperiinae)

For the first time the complete immature life cycle of a Neotropical skipper butterfly is reported with a report of a new natural hostplant based on a single individual reared at Finca Las Piedras (Madre de Dios, Peru).

Immature stages of Nisoniades macarius (Hesperiidae: Pyrginae: Carcharodini): biology, morphology and behavior

Except for the first instar larva, which is easily recognized by the presence of evident primary setae on the head, there are few distinctive morphological characters among the larvae of different instars.

Immature stages of the Neotropical skipper Saliana longirostris (Sepp, [1840]) (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae)

The early stages of the hesperiid butterfly Saliana longirostris (Sepp) are described, and the plump body of the later instars is similar to those of other skipper species that feed on host plants with large and soft leaves.

Ecology and Diversity lbella luteizona ( Mabille , 1877 ) ( Lepidoptera , Hesperiidae : Pyrginae ) n Brazilian Cerrado : larval morphology , diet , and shelter architecture intia Lepesqueura

The abundance of immature stages of Elbella luteizona varied monthly and was significantly higher in the dry season eywords: aterpillar ost plants opulation dynamics kippers nivoltine on both host plants, which may be due to the low density of natural enemies during that time.

Life cycle and ethological notes on Burca braco braco (Hesperiidae: Pyrginae)

The immature stages of Burca species are described for the first time: eggs, five larval instars, prepupa, and pupa;Morfometrics means of each stage are given and the presence of non-typical individuals with more than five instars is described.

ntegrative data helps the assessment of a butterfly within the dranomia kikkawai species complex ( Lepidoptera : Hesperiidae ) : mmature stages , natural history , and molecular evidence

The immature stages of the skipper butterfly Udranomia kikkawai from Brazil are described, including information on host plant use in cerrado savanna, shelter building behavior, and barcode

Natural history of an ant–plant–butterfly interaction in a Neotropical savanna

The present study showed that predatory ants are not as relevant as demonstrated for other systems, and also illustrates how observational data and field experiments can contribute to a better understanding of the biology and ecology of a species of interest.

Morphology and Behavior of the Early Stages of the Skipper, Urbanus esmeraldus, on Urera baccifera, an Ant—Visited Host Plant

The study shows that a combination of natural history and experimental data can help understand the life history of a butterfly using a plant with high predation risk and Manipulation with pellets placed at different distances suggests that ejection behavior decreases larval vulnerability to ant predation.



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Leaf-tying by tortricid larvae as an adaptation for feeding on phototoxicHypericum perforatum

Hypericin, an anthrone dimer inHypericum perforatum (Guttiferae), is shown for the first time to be phototoxic to generalist lepidopteran larvae; survivorship was reduced and development prolonged