The life history of Ardipithecus ramidus: a heterochronic model of sexual and social maturation

  title={The life history of Ardipithecus ramidus: a heterochronic model of sexual and social maturation},
  author={G. Clark and M. Henneberg},
  journal={Anthropological Review},
  pages={109 - 132}
Abstract In this paper we analyse the ontogeny of craniofacial growth in Ardipithecus ramidus in the context of its possible social and environmental determinants. We sought to test the hypothesis that this form of early hominin evolved a specific adult craniofacial morphology via heterochronic dissociation of growth trajectories. We suggest the lack of sexual dimorphism in craniofacial morphology provides evidence for a suite of adult behavioral adaptations, and consequently an ontogeny… Expand

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