The lidgap defect in mice: update and hypotheses.

  title={The lidgap defect in mice: update and hypotheses.},
  author={Diana M. Juriloff and Muriel J. Harris and J. R. Miller},
  journal={Canadian journal of genetics and cytology. Journal canadien de genetique et de cytologie},
  volume={25 3},
The open eye defect in the mouse can result from the action of mutant genes or of teratogens. Among the genetic forms, the lidgap series poses a particular challenge. The lidgap defect appears to be a complex genetic trait and may serve as a model for the genetic analysis of other genetically complex morphological defects in mammals. Extensive breeding data, together with data on the response of the trait to in utero treatment with cortisone, have been analyzed. The results lead us to propose a… CONTINUE READING