The lichenicolous Phoma species (coelomycetes) on Cladonia

  title={The lichenicolous Phoma species (coelomycetes) on Cladonia},
  author={P. Diederich and J. Kocourkov{\'a} and J. Etayo and M. Zhurbenko},
  journal={The Lichenologist},
  pages={153 - 163}
Abstract: The lichenicolous Phoma species on Cladonia are revised. A statistical analysis of the conidial size suggests that three species are involved: P. cladoniicola sp. nov. a common and widespread species in the Northern Hemisphere occurring on a wide range of Cladonia species; P. foliaceiphila sp. nov. known from C. foliacea and C. fimbriata in Europe; and P. grumantiana sp. nov. known from C. symphycarpia and C. mateocyatha in Svalbard and the USA. 
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