The lichen family Cladoniaceae in Paraiba, Pernambuco and Sergipe, Northeast Brazil

  title={The lichen family Cladoniaceae in Paraiba, Pernambuco and Sergipe, Northeast Brazil},
  author={T. Ahti and S. Stenroos and L. X. Filho},
  journal={Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution},
  • T. Ahti, S. Stenroos, L. X. Filho
  • Published 1993
  • Geography
  • Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution
  • Field and herbarium studies of the lichen family Cladoniaceae in the states of Paraiba, Pernambuco and Sergipe, Northeast Brazil, yielded 22 species, many of them being new reports for the region. The phenolic compounds identified in each species are reported. Cladonia clathrata Ahti & Xavier Filho, Cladonia polita Ahti, Cladonia polyscypha Ahti & Xavier Filho, and Cladonia rugicaulis Ahti are described as new. C. clathrata, C. rhodoleuca Vainio, C. rugicaulis, C. salzmannii Nyl., and C… CONTINUE READING
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